Saturday, October 16, 2010

next week (lova)

 holla !
*looks like i'm in mood now " happily" *
today just spend my time at home seja. hee , study lorhh . nothing else i can do except that thing . if i dindt study ,the voice sounds like "time is gold, ecca"  yeap . my mama la tuu 
however , i enjoy it because i learn a lot of thing today . its awesome . because imma lazy person , i hate to study . but today ? 100% different yaw . maybe because im interest bout what i lean right ? hoho .

i'm trying badly to improve my english languages . and thats all just for my future *spm* 
just correct me if i'm wrong  . hahah . im sure mesti banyak silap nie . 

ohhky !  next week , 1st paper was bahasa melayu paper .
ok . enough for today .

i will update thing blog if i got a free time :)

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